Why You Shouldn’t Let A 5-Year-Old Perform Brain Surgery

July 16, 2014
"Let me look up a script on the Internet."  (RUN!)

“Let me look up a script on the Internet.” (RUN!)

The most charming child shouldn’t be let anywhere near your brain.

Even if he doesn’t intend to do you any harm.

This is why.

Reading a book isn’t the same thing as knowing the tools.

Some little kids are smart enough to read every word in science textbooks. This does not mean that they understand everything about blood, neurons or your cerebrum. The person who wrote the book never met you. The author doesn’t know your exact needs. The person operating on you should know more than just what the words on the page say.

When you are inexperienced, you panic when accidents happen.

A child who paints the fingernails of a parent worries when the polish gets spilled. He’d be just as nervous if you gushed blood unexpectedly during your operation. You need someone who can be wise and stay calm (affiliate link) during a disaster.

If a problem happens, you might get blamed. Publicly.

What happens when a toy breaks in the hands of a kid? The toy gets blamed for being stupid, cheap, or hard. People don’t learn to see problems within themselves until they know enough to recognize what they don’t understand.

Working with a hypnotist who says and does those things is equally as risky. How do you avoid a person like that? You ask me questions in a reply.

The 3 Choices You Must Make For A Hypnotist To Change Your Life

July 9, 2014
Beautiful lives don't automatically happen.

Beautiful lives don’t automatically happen.

Alas, no.


Only YOU can change your life. You have to make the choices that will let someone help you. This is as true in hypnosis as it is in any other form of therapy.

There are three of these choices. If you are good at making them, you will end up with an awesome and healthy life. So focus very carefully on…

You must be honest.

It helps to have at least a rough idea about what you hope to get out of hypnotherapy. Yes, a master (affiliate link) will be able to read you. You’ll have the best chance of getting exactly what you want if you talk about it. If you can’t trust someone enough to be open with him, you’ll need to find someone new with whom to work.

You must be willing.

You have to do everything you can to make the process of hypnosis easy and fulfilling. This means setting up yourself for success. A trance can happen in less than ideal conditions. You will have a hard time focusing on your expert if you are burdened by bright lights, loud sounds, or your growling stomach.

You must be talkative.

You have to be as active a client as you can be. As soon as you “wake up” from a trance, TALK about your experience. Speak up about anything you remember hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, etc.. Each of your sessions should be better than the one before it if you talk to your therapist as much as you can about your experiences. That’s how the best magic is made.

How do you find a wise hypnotist who will take what you have to give and deliver what you want? You ask about what to look for in a reply.

Can A Hypnotist Make You Do His Bidding?

July 2, 2014
Breaking the bidding myth.

Breaking the bidding myth.


Not even for a second.

The movies LIED to you. I’m sorry. The truth doesn’t lend itself to entertaining story lines.

What is that truth?

You are ALWAYS in control.

Even if you get drowsy, you will know what is being said to you enough to agree or disagree with it. Your gut will tell you whether or not a posthypnotic suggestion is good for you. And if it isn’t, you’ll instantly reject it. Don’t be ashamed to say “no”.

You are free to take advantage of the situation.

A lot of people enjoy the relaxation and fun of a hypnosis show. Even hypnotherapy sessions are often enjoyable. Life in general can be stressful and hard. It’s often fun to take advantage of an opportunity to chill out and play. You might choose to play along with an imaginative induction, deepening method, or hint.

You can be convinced to take an action.

No one can make you do anything with a suggestion or any other hypnotic method that you wouldn’t otherwise be willing or able to do. However, it can be easier for you to get past learned physical and mental blocks with the help of a wise professional (affiliate link). You will have an easy path toward the accomplishment of one of your goals.

What to do if you’re scared.

It is natural to be nervous before being led into a trance. You might feel scared about what you’ll be asked to do. You might be uncertain as to how a guided session will feel. The best thing to do about those emotions is to TALK to the person who will be your guide. Anyone worth working with will answer all of your questions in language you can understand, before the first word of an induction is spoken.

Want to know more about the powers a hypnotist does and will never have? Ask me your question as a reply.

Why A Sentence And A Rubber Band Do The Same Thing

June 25, 2014
Pain is not the only way.

Pain is not the only way.

A simple sentence in your ears and a rubber band snapped around your wrist accomplish the same goal.

But which would you rather do?

Lie quietly and comfortably on your bed and listen to soothing sounds coming from your computer?

Or bruise yourself every hour?

Beat yourself up to fix your problem?.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is all about forcing yourself to act in new ways. The hope is that this will nudge your brain into a new way of thinking. It might feel safe. You don’t have to make yourself very vulnerable to do it. There is a price for feeling safe. You will also feel every part of the pain of therapy.

Wouldn’t it be good to be chilled out?

When you are hypnotized, your conscious mind stops responding to the world around you. Your reflexes stay sharp. Your critical thinking skills take a nap. While you are in this natural state, you will be relaxed and open to having your brain nudged into a new way of thinking. This will encourage you to act in new ways.

Therapy is therapy, no matter how it feels.

In terms of end results, it doesn’t much matter how you choose to go about getting your mind and body healthy. Expert behavioral therapists and wise hypnotists (affiliate link) (or hypnotherapists) can help you achieve the same goals. You can win with either a rubber band or a sentence.

The question is, do you want pain or do you want relaxation? If you’re scared of one or the other (or both!), let’s talk about it in the comments.


The Tale Of The Drowning Snake (Or When Good Suggestions Go Bad)

June 18, 2014
Careful what you ask for...

Careful what you ask for…

Once there lived a snake who was dying of thirst.

It was believed, by her handlers, that she was getting all the liquid she needed from her steady diet of mice and voles. But she wanted more. She wished, more than anything, to feel a cool trickle of water down her throat.

In the zoo where she was kept, near her enclosure, there was a large urn of water . She would stare at it, wistfully, each day. All she needed was for someone to help her get to the liquid she could smell, but not touch.

Eventually, a new keeper noticed this, and, thinking she wanted a bath, dumped the entire contents of the urn into her enclosure.

The snake quickly drowned.

At autopsy, it was discovered that she had a parched mouth and throat. If she had only been able to communicate her actual need…

Sometimes, what you seem to want is not what you need.

The thing you think you desire might even become dangerous.

How are you supposed to know which posthypnotic suggestions are safe (affiliate link) and which ones aren’t? You’re not. It’s not your job.

How do you keep from being drowned in blessings? You talk to a wise hypnotist.

Do you need help on what to say? Ask a question as a reply.

The 3 Simple Reasons Why Hypnosis Is Real

June 11, 2014
This is Not it.

This is Not it.

Hypnosis is NOT about people in costumes artfully drawling their words.

It is NOT about fancy lights, cool music, or adoring fans.

It’s not even about forgetting the number 7 or your name.

Those things can go along with hypnotic experiences. Yours are about 3 truths. Understand them, and you will know more about the art and science of trances than 99% of the world’s population does.

A trance is a brainwave state.

Mezmer had it all wrong. There is NOTHING supernatural happening in the mind or body of ANY client. Hypnotherapy works by helping a body slow down the energy between its neurons. It’s completely natural.

Anyone who sleeps can be hypnotized.

How do you know if your electrical impulses can even be slowed down? (IE, Can I be a hypnotic subject?) Ask yourself if you’ve ever fallen asleep. If you’ve done that at least once in your life, with your brain in its current physical condition, then yes, you can be put into a trance. And what’s more, anyone who can read this sentence can be dropped into one with the help of a wise hypnotist (affiliate link).

Daydreamers have already been put into trances.

You put yourself into hypnotic states all the time without ever calling them that. Have you ever forgotten where you’re going while driving? Did you ever not want to put down a book or stop watching a tv series? Do you imagine yourself in far away places or take deep breaths to relax sometimes? You’ve been in a trance. You’re already intimately familiar with that experience. You just didn’t know it was called hypnosis.

Want to know even more? Sweet! Chat me up in a reply.

Why You Don’t Need Hypnosis

June 4, 2014
If you broke it, you can fix it.

If you broke it, you can fix it.

Myth: Hypnosis can change any physical trait you hate.

Truth: Not unless you can already do it for yourself.

Yup, it’s true. Hypnotists ARE limited in what they can do for you. Those limitations lie in what you can and cannot do for yourself.

It doesn’t matter which shiny person on the Internet tells you otherwise. It doesn’t matter how many “testimonials” appear on the Web about such services. You can’t be as tall as you want to be, even if you just hear the right….

NO ONE can give you the ability to surpass what genetics has sent your way. Because if you can’t do something for yourself, no one will be able to make you do it.

Your genetic code can’t be broken with a trance.

Your body is programmed with instructions for what will happen in it throughout its lifetime. Many of the diseases you will get and the characteristics you will ultimately have are completely predetermined by genetics. Even if a therapist tells you to shrink, you won’t get any shorter.

You can do everything (but only sort of.)

Therapy cannot help you supersede your own potential. Not even hypnotherapy can give you more abilities than you already possess. What those things (also known as modalities) can do for you is to help you push open the heavy doors of opportunity in your mind. In other words, you can’t be given new abilities, but you can be helped to make the most out of the ones you already possess.

So, why be hypnotized?

From birth, you were trained to use your mind just enough to let you get by in the world. You were likely also fed lies about what you can and can’t do. You got random programming. That instruction pack limited you. A wise hypnotist (affiliate link) can clear away the junk and give you positive ideas to help you take full advantage of the properties you already hold inside of you.

Want to know more about what you can and can’t do with the help of hypnosis? Ask me your questions as replies.


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