Social Media Silence

Being an internet writer, you might think I would be on my cell phone at all hours. You would think I tweet from everywhere, check in regularly on Four Square and never turn my phone off.

And you would be wrong. I am the anomaly, the weird one. It took people asking me for my cell phone number (and A LOT of prodding from my best friends and husband) to get me to keep it on. Most of the time.

I’m totally not joking. If you see me out in public, you can bet my phone will probably be switched off, tucked away in my purse.

It is precisely because I am a writer that I keep my phone turned off. To be constantly plugged in does not allow my brain the time it needs to think, to daydream, to imagine.

Without those breaks,  I would quickly run out of ideas to write about. The writing I do for pay would eventually grow dull and flat. My mind needs that time to just “breath” and wander.

I also enjoy being present in the moment when I am out and about. I love taking in every detail whether I am at church, in a concert hall or even at the grocery store.  Unless I am on vacation, totally freaking out, or expecting a message,  I (usually) like to not be at everyone’s beck and call when I am away from home.

This does make me old-fashioned. I know. But it also allows me to “give it a rest” and let my mind take a breather.  I often get my best ideas in those moments of silence.

So many people complain that they run out of topics to write about. (NOT an affiliate link)  My poor draft file is so full I’ve stopped adding to it. Inspiration, more often than not, seems to flow through and out of me like too much water being poured onto a dripping washrag.

The more you let your mind rest and wander, the more ideas will pop into it. That cannot happen when you are constantly sending messages or playing with pissed off sparrows.

(Caught the reference? Good! Now turn off that phone and break out the notepad and pen for half an hour. Let me know how it went in the comments!! :) )

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2 Responses to Social Media Silence

  1. kristylyseng says:

    I have to agree with you. I’m starting to get ideas again after taking a week off.

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