The Top Four Reasons Why (I Got) You Should Get A Tattoo

Not My Actual Chest. ;)

The decision of whether or not to get your body inked is, and should be, a private and well thought out one. Many folks have asked why a sweetheart good girl would ever want to do that to her body. It is worth mentioning that I am also a marketer and a writer (link to a page on this blog). We tend to be a bit of a kooky bunch as a general rule. (not an aff link)

However, the reasons why I wanted to have a butterfly made out of a pink ribbon needled onto to my left boob are, I think, fairly universal to most folks who choose to be inked. They are:

Because you want to cover an ugly scar. Mine was a biopsy scar.

Because you want to feel better about yourself. Having an unsightly scar made me feel a bit disfigured.

Because you want to honor one or more persons. Wearing a lovely pink ribbon reminds me of my friend who died of breast cancer and my best female friend and mother who are both survivors. (Shout outs to Heidi and Sharon!)

Because you would not want to live without it. If my new ink washed off tomorrow, I would run back to Kory at Tried and True Tattoo (another shout out ’cause he’s an awesome professional artist). Most of the folks I’ve spoken with who truly gave their tats a lot of thought feel the same way.

If you want a tattoo but find that none of the above apply to your situation, I would strongly advise against it. If you regret your ink the day after you get it, there is no easy or cheap way to remove it.

The Fine Print: Depending on where you get it, a much desired tattoo will feel like anything from a moderate scratch to a searing burn. I experienced the full gamut as my breast, armpit and scar had ink applied to them. If you want to hurt less, you must listen to this before you get a tat. (aff link)

2 Responses to The Top Four Reasons Why (I Got) You Should Get A Tattoo

  1. I LOVE your list of reasons why to get a tattoo and I love how and why you got one. I bet it’s beautiful!
    Hubby has been talking about getting a tattoo in honor of his Mom for a few years now. Maybe a celtic or Chinese symbol of the word. He’s not entirely sure. But the idea of a tattoo in honor of someone like that…it warms my heart! I think it’s a wonderful way to remember them!
    Great post!

    • malindalou says:

      Thank you! It was important to me to not only honor my friends and loved one who battled breast cancer, but also to make myself feel pretty again. I would caution your hubby to make sure he does his homework before he goes. Tattooists who are not committed to the health and appearance of their clients can really hurt them. Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! That means a lot to me.

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