Why Being Hypnotized Is Exactly Like Training For The Olympics

It’s secret time again…are you ready??

Being hypnotized is not easy.

It’s tough. Everyone who is hypnotized feels the burn.

Everyone who is put into a trance has to work hard to concentrate on his hypnotist. Fully relaxing into a trance takes a lot of practice and effort.

This is a huge shock to many people.

Since we all go into states of hypnosis every day of our lives, it does not make sense that it would take effort to go into a trance. The first time you try to do it, you may be dismayed if you are not able to fully relax.

This might lead you to wonder if you are doing something wrong…

You’re not! You’re just inexperienced. The good news is that you can improve your ability to go into a trance. You can train for it just like Olympic athletes work to be able to lift heavy weights and run dozens of miles. You can strengthen your “trance muscles” just like you do your arms and legs.

You can train your mind with hypnosis just like you train your legs with a bicycle!

How to exercise your mental abilities

People who are training for the Olympics do the same actions over and over until their bodies are tough enough to easily do their motions. Those exercises work in two different ways. First, each time an athlete completes an action, it becomes easier for his muscles to finish it the next time. The second benefit you can get from working out is that you become familiar with how to do a given motion. That increase in memory will help you to do it better and better each time you attempt it.

How does this apply to hypnosis?

Each time you go into a trance, your mind gets used to slowing down its functions. Specifically, you feel more and more comfortable with the reality of your neurons firing at a very slow rate. After being put under several times, your conscious mind will become accustomed to dropping into that very relaxed state. Just like an athlete gets used to performing a given motion the more often he practices, your brain will become used to falling into a deep hypnotic sleep the more often you let yourself be hypnotized.

Want to practice that skill with a live hypnotist?

Come to a Jnspire Hypnosis  show in Cleveland or Columbus OH this summer! You can keep track of all the latest tour details on the Jnspire Facebook page. (aff link)

Have you found that being hypnotized gets easier over time? Chat with me about your experience in the comments!

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