The Top Five Reasons Why People Get Hypnotized

Many folks look to hypnotists before they take pills.

Many folks look to hypnotists before they take pills.

I talk a lot on this blog about how hypnosis works. You might be left wondering why you should try it in the first place. You can easily get any of these benefits for yourself by watching a trance-inducing video.

1. To Be Put To Sleep

Hypnosis for sleep videos are designed to put you into the deepest trance state possible, then leave you to rest without waking you. These work well for a large percentage of listeners. In truth, almost any video that puts you under will help you sleep better after you hear it. This is because the brain wave state of hypnosis is the precursor to the one for napping.

2. To Perform Better In Sports

Many athletes listen to trance-inducing videos to help them perform better in athletic events. There are two reasons why this practice is effective. First, being put under will naturally calm you down. When you are chilled out, you will easily make your moves. If you get focus or motivation suggestions, you will be able to think more clearly while you are on the field, lane or court.

3. To Relax

If you would like to get a massage every day, but can’t afford them, hypnosis can be a wonderful alternative. Exercise might take all the tension out of your mind. A gentle, thorough rub down can make your body feel like warm oatmeal. People who are put into trances experience the benefits of both.

4. To Break Harmful Addictions

The vast majority of folks who seek help from a hypnotist come to him because they have troublesome addictive behaviors. While the most helpful suggestion for one of those folks would be one directed at the cause of his behavior(s), others can also be beneficial. A person who regularly receives a hint to relax when he feels tense can also see a reduction in his addictive habits. For example, an overeater who eats when she gets angry can be helped by a suggestion that urges her to take deep breaths when she feels upset.

5. To Reduce Stress

Thousands of individuals seek out hypnotists to help them deal with stress. Daily tension can coax you into adopting unhealthy habits to temporarily ease your nagging feelings (like swearing or grinding your teeth). Over time, those actions can turn into mental illnesses. When you watch a trance-inducing movie to help you calm down, you can instantly experience an overwhelming sense of calm.

If you are treating one of the above difficulties with a video, please share your experiences in the comments!

While the Jnspire Hypnosis website is down, I’ll be bringing you more posts about hypnotic phenomena over the coming weeks here on my blog. I invite you to check out the rest of what we have to offer on YouTube and Facebook.

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2 Responses to The Top Five Reasons Why People Get Hypnotized

  1. Larry says:

    Where’s the source that says these are the top 5?

    • malindalou says:

      My boss’s fans. I pulled those statements from the comments they make on his videos. They can be found on the YouTube channel for Jnspire.

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