The Essential Truths About Hypnotic Magic

Lots of different symptoms. One big problem.

Lots of different symptoms. One big problem.

Sometimes, what you want isn’t what you really need.

You might think you want to start exercising, study more or perform better in athletics.

But what you really need might just be motivation.

How do you tell the difference?

You don’t. Such shouldn’t have to be your call to make. When you think or feel that something is wrong, you need to see a trained professional. An exceptional hypnotist is a good place to start.

Yes, even if said person is not also a hypnotherapist. Here’s why.

Facial expressions never, ever, lie.

Your face is even more truthful than your toes. Even when you’re lying. A person who has watched hundreds of clients go into trances will know if trouble is scrunching up your face. This will be true, regardless of anything you say.

Every problem has a cause.

Whether your problem is a failure to respond to a posthypnotic suggestion (affiliate link) or a failure to study when you know you have a test coming up, something is messing with you. Folks always have reasons why they act in the ways that they do. Treating the symptom will not correct the problem. A wise hypnotist will know this and will respond accordingly.

Issues that don’t feel connected often are.

Whether you’re having problems being a subject at a show or a therapy client, life can feel like a mystery. Minds are complex. A brain will spawn lots of different symptoms from one thorny issue. A wise hypnotist will be able to detect that dilemma and treat it directly. It will feel like magic.

Want to know more about this kind of magic? Ask me your question as a reply.

Discover more about the amazing truths of hypnosis from Jer Grafsgaard on YouTube.


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  1. Akriti says:

    This is a really nice post

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