The Tale Of The Drowning Snake (Or When Good Suggestions Go Bad)

Careful what you ask for...

Careful what you ask for…

Once there lived a snake who was dying of thirst.

It was believed, by her handlers, that she was getting all the liquid she needed from her steady diet of mice and voles. But she wanted more. She wished, more than anything, to feel a cool trickle of water down her throat.

In the zoo where she was kept, near her enclosure, there was a large urn of water . She would stare at it, wistfully, each day. All she needed was for someone to help her get to the liquid she could smell, but not touch.

Eventually, a new keeper noticed this, and, thinking she wanted a bath, dumped the entire contents of the urn into her enclosure.

The snake quickly drowned.

At autopsy, it was discovered that she had a parched mouth and throat. If she had only been able to communicate her actual need…

Sometimes, what you seem to want is not what you need.

The thing you think you desire might even become dangerous.

How are you supposed to know which posthypnotic suggestions are safe (affiliate link) and which ones aren’t? You’re not. It’s not your job.

How do you keep from being drowned in blessings? You talk to a wise hypnotist.

Do you need help on what to say? Ask a question as a reply.

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2 Responses to The Tale Of The Drowning Snake (Or When Good Suggestions Go Bad)

  1. judygurfein says:

    Nice metaphor! It’s so important in hypnosis to find the right professional.

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