Can A Hypnotist Make You Do His Bidding?

Breaking the bidding myth.

Breaking the bidding myth.


Not even for a second.

The movies LIED to you. I’m sorry. The truth doesn’t lend itself to entertaining story lines.

What is that truth?

You are ALWAYS in control.

Even if you get drowsy, you will know what is being said to you enough to agree or disagree with it. Your gut will tell you whether or not a posthypnotic suggestion is good for you. And if it isn’t, you’ll instantly reject it. Don’t be ashamed to say “no”.

You are free to take advantage of the situation.

A lot of people enjoy the relaxation and fun of a hypnosis show. Even hypnotherapy sessions are often enjoyable. Life in general can be stressful and hard. It’s often fun to take advantage of an opportunity to chill out and play. You might choose to play along with an imaginative induction, deepening method, or hint.

You can be convinced to take an action.

No one can make you do anything with a suggestion or any other hypnotic method that you wouldn’t otherwise be willing or able to do. However, it can be easier for you to get past learned physical and mental blocks with the help of a wise professional (affiliate link). You will have an easy path toward the accomplishment of one of your goals.

What to do if you’re scared.

It is natural to be nervous before being led into a trance. You might feel scared about what you’ll be asked to do. You might be uncertain as to how a guided session will feel. The best thing to do about those emotions is to TALK to the person who will be your guide. Anyone worth working with will answer all of your questions in language you can understand, before the first word of an induction is spoken.

Want to know more about the powers a hypnotist does and will never have? Ask me your question as a reply.

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2 Responses to Can A Hypnotist Make You Do His Bidding?

  1. judygurfein says:

    This is great! There’s so much misinformation out there about hypnosis.

    • malindalou says:

      Thank you! Indeed there is, which is part of what fuels my desire to share its truths in plain talk.

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