How Would You Like To ALWAYS Get Perfect Sleep?

September 10, 2014
How to sleep well every night.

How to sleep well every night.

Lounging back on your freshly washed sheets, you rest your head on a memory foam pillow. The room is peaceful. Both the bed and the air are at your perfect temperatures. There is no ringing phone, no neighbor’s dog barking, no kids in the room who need your attention. There’s also nothing you’ll need to get up for, so you won’t have to sit up fretting.

That’s the perfect night for sleeping, right? If you had that feeling every night, you’d never have to worry about not being able to rest, correct?

But I’ll bet that doesn’t usually happen.

Instead, do your evenings often include one or more of the following?

It’s too hot.

It’s too cold.

You have to be at work (affiliate link) tomorrow.

You have to be at work at 9am tomorrow for your yearly evaluation.

The kid is sick. Pukey sick.

If you can get 2 hours of rest in between the memory of the time you were 2 days late on that project and the fact that you HAVE to remember to call your mother, you’ll be lucky.

What if I told you I knew a secret to help you feel rested every day, even if your nights are all too short and filled with distractions?

You’re in luck! Here I am:

Questions? Comments? Leave me a reply.




Being In A Trance Cannot Help You Do Anything

September 3, 2014

This is completely unproductive. And that's awesome.

This is completely unproductive. And that’s awesome.

When you’re hypnotized, you can’t DO anything.

You won’t be able to move, unless you’re directed to do so by your hypnotist.

This leads some people to believe that being in a trance is not beneficial.

That’s not true. This is why.

Relaxing is not like exercising.

That might seem obvious. Some folks are confused about it. I’ll make the distinction clear. The act of going into a trance will not help you to perform actions. (But as it turns out, that doesn’t matter.)

Being calm helps you to perform better.

Have you ever noticed that when you are calm, you think more clearly (affiliate link). You act in more precise ways. You are better able to act on all of those good memories that are stored in your subconscious mind.

Good ideas get in better when you are relaxed.

When you are happy and chilled out, you are more receptive to advice. Words that sound and are intelligent and ethical will pass easily into your brain, like a really good lecture or sermon does. This is why hypnotists work to make their clients feel good before and while they influence them.

That is the essence of hypnosis. And that’s why it can help you. Want to know more? Ask me your questions in a reply.


Why Trances Are Perfect For Busy People

August 27, 2014


Relaxing is the easiest solution ever.

Relaxing is the easiest solution ever.

A trance is more useful and practical than any other comfort measure.

If you can relax on demand, you will be able to get out of having to do thousands of other things in order to have a happy life.

A list of them would take forever to read.

As a practical alternative, I’m going to give you solutions to the 3 most common problems I’ve seen you lament about.

You can’t sleep.

Insomnia is THE easiest problem to fix. No matter how frustrating it can feel when you are experiencing it. Hypnosis always comes before sleep. It can also be a decent substitute for sleep in the short term. Even if you never slumber, completely relaxing will help you to feel rested.

You are stressed out.

Any hypnosis video or download will help you to relax. Ten minutes on your lunch break is all it will take for you to feel relaxed for the next several hours. You will never have to worry about not being able to eat comfort foods, drink a favorite beverage, or wear cozy clothes again.

You are in pain or sick.

The hardest part about being ill is that you feel unable to perform basic functions,  right?  You know that you need to take good care of yourself. That can seem impossible. Being in a light trance can give you enough disassociation from your physical condition that you can become able to make it to your kitchen to get yourself a glass of water.

Do you have questions about how to enjoy these simple benefits? Ask away in a reply.

Shatter The Chains That Keep You Up At Night

August 20, 2014
Pure bliss is always possible.

Pure bliss is always possible.

Do you have bouts of insomnia?

Are you unhappy with your looks?

Do you have panic attacks?

You have heavy chains around your neck, ankles, and wrists. You can deny them, but that won’t make them go away. You can pad them, but that won’t make them any longer or looser.

Life kind of stinks with them on, right? And while you might be quick to visit the doctor if you have a cough or mysterious rash, you may be somewhat less likely to get help with a mental issue. Even though a bad thought process can be just as deadly as a physical ailment. We know that.

If you are done with feeling crappy and want to know what it would be like to be blissful, this is for you.

First, acknowledge that the bonds are there.

You are the one who has the problem. That is good news! The world didn’t fashion those links. You did, to cope with a bad childhood, an abusive relationship or a stressful school or work experience. (Lots of people do this. It is nothing to be ashamed of.) You can also destroy them.

You can unmake them.

When you’ve been hurting forever, it can be hard to imagine a better life (affiliate link). Being in pain can feel much safer than going through therapy. Sessions don’t always need to be terrifying. In one form of therapy, you can daydream right through the hardest part.

Take a hammer and break some metal.

Hanging on to the past feels familiar. With the right hypnotist to help you, you can get healthy fixes for your issues that will feel just as familiar with time. The first hit will be the hardest to make. It and every subsequent one will help you to feel better each day.

Want to know more about how to start smashing? Chat with me in replies.


Quantum Jumping Should Be Free (Or Not Exist At All.)

August 13, 2014

Make believe should be free.

Make believe should be free.

Hypnosis downloads for quantum jumping are all over the Internet.

So are forums, chat rooms, and websites on the topic.

Lots of people believe in what those resources are supposed to do.

I’m not here to criticize anyone’s make believe experiences.

I am here to offer my opinion on the products. I welcome any thoughts you have on it in a reply.

Hypnosis can’t give you otherworldly abilities.

Despite how a trance may feel, there’s nothing special about it. Your mind is capable (affiliate link) of more than you’ve probably ever given it credit for. A hypnotist can help you do lots of things, but nothing that you can’t achieve for free on your own with enough time and hard work.

Otherworldly abilities aren’t needed here.

To do really well on earth, all you need is the ability to work hard, keep a cool head and think critically. If you can do that, you will live better than 95% of people ever will. You don’t need to pretend to quantum jump in order to have a fulfilling life.

Make believe should be free.

Does this mean you shouldn’t enjoy fantasies? Not at all! But you also shouldn’t have to pay for them. Children can be pirates without fees. You should be able to pretend to meet yourself for no charge.

Are you angry? Am I absolutely wrong? Tell me how and why in a reply.

Why A Puddle Of Drool Is The Key To Good Hypnosis

August 6, 2014
Drool is very important.

Drool is very important.

To find the best master hypnotist for you, you only need one criterion.

You don’t need to know any of the technical details about how your brain and body function.

You MUST be able to say “yes” to this question.

Can you be comfortably vulnerable?

“Comfortably vulnerable” means that you have no fear whatsoever. None. If you are scared, you will not fully relax or be successfully led into a trance. Clients who have no anxieties will get the best possible results from their sessions. A lack of fear equals a multitude of good outcomes.

What it means to not be scared.

Are you able to lay on your back during a live session without worrying about being violated?

Do you end up with a puddle of drool in the back of your throat or lower jaw?

Do you forget about wanting to relate (affiliate link) to the therapist as a person?

Are you able to follow every direction without hesitation?

Did you have 3 or more yeses? Congratulations! You’ve found the best hypnotist for you.

Did you have 3 or more nos? Want to know how to find the perfect therapist for you? Chat me up in a reply.

The Super Secret Benefit Of All Hypnosis Sessions

July 30, 2014
A hypnosis session for motivation will help you sleep.

A hypnosis session for motivation will help you sleep.

The most common reason why people get hypnotized is to fall asleep.

A search on YouTube for sleep videos will reveal that. But what you might not know is that ANY hypnosis download, video,  or session, listened to for any reason, will help you rest better.

Few people mention this. Many subjects have experienced it. Now, you will know why it happens.

Trances are practice sessions for slumber.

One of the biggest reasons why the vast majority of people make good hypnotic subjects is because they can fall asleep. The activities are similar in that they are shifts in consciousness. Your mind can be helped to do this whenever you desire.

Your brain likes patterns.

New and novel experiences are hard to process. If you’ve ever had to work to go to sleep at a given time, you’ve already experienced that dilemma. Folks who have insomnia for weeks or months often feel tired until they go to bed. Then, they can’t rest. Their brains have slipped (affiliate link) into the pattern of being awake while their bodies are in bed.

You can make good ones.

What does being in a trance have to do with actually sleeping? Two things. First, being hypnotized is a precursor to slumber, so purposely going into that state will help you relearn to do it or do it better. Second, when you are cozily tucked into a favorite spot and relaxing, chilling will become your default setting in that place. If you do your sessions in bed in the middle of the afternoon, you will rest well there at night.

How about you?  Do you find that you sleep better after you’ve been hypnotized? Want to know more about how the two are related? Leave me a reply.


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