The Best Hypnosis Stories We Never Told: The Night The Phone Rang

October 21, 2014
This was fragile.

This was fragile.

I told you about the times when my hypnosis sessions with Jer went right. But neither of us have told you about the virtual one that nearly ended in disaster.

Hypnotherapy is done by real people in real situations. Occasionally, things go wrong.

The Night The Phone Rang…

All was going according to plan. We had good Internet connections, quiet rooms, and full concentration. UNTIL…

RING!!! 5 times in the room right next to me.

Jer never heard it. He kept going as if everything was normal (my microphone was not strong enough to pick up neither the ringing nor the subsequent answering machine message.) The sounds were muffled, but they distracted me all the same. I was straining to stay with him.

Once I was fully awake, I swore that in the future, if I found myself alone in my home during a therapy session, I would turn off every phone in it.

Why was this such a huge disruption?

Why are you being told this story? Because it illustrates 2 of the most basic but least understood points about trances.

Trances are fragile.

Trust. Lack of background noise. Concentration. Those are the elements upon which the magic hinges. Take two of them away, and the whole session or show (affiliate link) will instantly collapse. On the night when my phone startled me, without my efforts to hang on, everything would have fallen apart.

You will hear everything.

One of the biggest concerns that every potential client has is: “What if an accident happens in my space while I’m under?”. You think you’ll lose your awareness of everything that is not a part of your session. But the exact opposite really is true. The smallest distraction will drive you crazy unless you know it is absolutely nothing that needs your attention.

Want to know more about what it was really like to be hypnotized live with Jer? Ask me about it in a reply.


You Can Totally Pretend The Pain Away

October 15, 2014
                                       Life doesn't need to hurt.

Life doesn’t need to hurt.

Pain is not always helpful.

Sometimes, it’s just annoying.

If you know why you hurt but cannot stop it, you can safely do the next best thing.

You can imagine that it doesn’t exist, with incredibly life like results.

The science.

Your brain only knows what it knows because of the way it interprets the messages your nerves send it. Your body only feels discomfort because of the way it is told to by your brain. Most of the time, those signals are received by external stimulation. But, it is possible for them to be overpowered by internal forces.

An overriding message

You can tell your body that everything is ok. And make it believe you. You can convince your nerves that they don’t feel anything. Your mind and body will react (affiliate link) in any way you choose.

Is easy to implant.

Getting these super powers is easier than you think. You need to know how to get your subconscious mind to function for your benefit. I know that might sound impossible. All you need to make it possible is help from a master hypnotist.

Ask me questions about how hypnosis can help you pretend to be well in a reply.

Why A Little Word Is The Key To Life

October 8, 2014


Health and happiness are in 4 letters.

Health and happiness are in 4 letters.


Will you, or Won’t you?

The answer is more important than you think. Your life depends upon it.

Too many people believe that enough power, money, resources, connections, or intelligence will save them from their troubles. But almost all of it is superfluous.

If you can’t use what you have to your best advantage, you might as well be a beggar on a street corner with a backpack and a sign that says “I NEED”. You will always think that you require more than what you have in order to be happy. A man who lives in a one bedroom apartment can be more content with his own existence than a man who dwells in a sprawling country estate.

The spark within yourself

Why might a soup kitchen patron be more mentally healthy than his counterpart who eats 4 courses for each of his meals? Because it only takes a little bit of knowledge and a few resources to find someone who is safe to chat with. Once you know where to go, ridding yourself of your burdens really isn’t hard.

Can feel impossible to find.

Why do people commit suicide? Why does anyone think he is alone? The courage to tap keys or take steps can be difficult to find. The fear of being shamed holds you hostage.

Get silly and pretend.

The only surefire way to find pleasure (affiliate link) in your existence is to ignore anyone and anything that tries to keep you from getting it. Email that community leader and set aside your insecurities about him not having enough time for you. Seek out the hypnotist who will say what you need to hear to change your life while you’re dozing. Pretend, for one hour, that the only question that matters is how good you want to feel today.

Because the world will take you out if you don’t.

Which option will you choose? Talk to me about how it’ll go in a reply.

How To Thrive In A World That’s Trying To Kill You: Lifesaving Words

October 1, 2014
You really are a superstar.

You really are a superstar.

Do you always feel like you’re not good enough?

It’s no wonder, with the media constantly telling you that you have problems.

You’re plain.

You’re poor.

Your home is too small.

Your air ducts are too dirty.

Your basement floor is ugly.

Oh, and you need the newest self-actualization program in order to feel remotely successful.

Those statements sell products. They also make you feel bad about yourself. Hear enough of them, and you can be left feeling suicidal.

Positive statements don’t sell.

No one is interested in hearing about how great everyone and everything is. Those sentences make for boring media. They don’t move goods off shelves or entice people to trade money for services.

Positive statements don’t stick.

Because they sound boring and dorky, you will likely ignore, at least in part, any positive affirmations that you try to say to yourself while you are fully conscious. You believe so strongly in your own inadequacies that your mind won’t trust anything else it hears. It doubts. It shrugs off. It rejects your attempts to persuade it of your own virtues.

Posthypnotic suggestions embed.

Whether you trust those ideas or not, you need them in order to survive in this cruel world. While you’re drowsy in a trance (affiliate link), you won’t care enough to reject the affirmations that your subconscious mind desperately needs to hear. And if you repeat that process often enough, eventually all those media messages won’t have any effect on you.

Do you want to feel good about yourself again? Are you scared about how trances work? Let’s chat in replies.

How To Thrive In A World That’s Trying To Kill You: The Safe Escape

September 25, 2014
You don't need to always feel this way.

You don’t need to always feel this way.

The world is falling apart all around us.

People kill each other over religion.

No one is pretty or rich enough.

Everyone is quick to find fault with everyone else.

You will never drive cleverly enough. Meh, someone will always be better than you at everything.

Try as you might, “good enough” can often feel elusive.

It stinks. It can make you want to crawl in a hole. Or feel unable to do anything.

This is why millions of people suffer from mental illnesses. And why almost all of us experience some of their symptoms from time to time.

Your mind cannot keep up with the pressures of modern life on its own. It has almost caught up with them, but fails to make the leap to overcoming them without help. There is a little too much negative pressure to keep you from having “I’m a good person.” as your default setting.

We are ALL like this, without help. Such as…


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (dieting, rubber bands around wrists, exposure to the things that scare you) is what most people turn to when they feel broken. It can work, but also make you feel like you’re being roasted over an open fire. Or being tossed off of a 500 foot cliff.  Is that what you want when uncomfortable feelings are what drove you to seek assistance in the first place?


If you get nothing else out of a hypnosis session, you will at least experience the sensation of not having a care in the world (and if you don’t, you NEED to change to a new hypnotist (affiliate link).) Like a massage, this can be part of what keeps you thriving in the dangerous world.

It truly is that simple, but it can be anything but easy. Do you want help with taking the first step? Leave me a reply.

This is the second post in a three part series about how to thrive in a world that’s trying to kill you. Come back next week to learn how hypnosis can undo the damage the world persuades you to do to yourself.


How To Thrive In A World That’s Trying To Kill You: The Killer Cure?

September 17, 2014
Does your pill SOLVE your problem?

Does your pill SOLVE your problem?

Let’s make you as anxious as possible, then pump you full of drugs so you won’t feel anything.

Would that make sense if you’re trying to cure a sore throat?

Or a blocked artery?

Or a broken leg?


Alright, then why is that an ok way for you to deal with a mental hurdle?

Why is it acceptable to make you even more afraid of the world (or yourself) than you already are, give you medicines to make you numb, and then proclaim that you are cured?

Most professionals only touch the surface of the actual thought processes that drive mental problems. Few will have the desire to help you correct or eliminate them. Because there’s not enough money in it.


Yup, you read that right. It is more profitable for most professionals to have you suffer and take drugs to make yourself feel kind of better than it is to actually cure you.

Keeping you sick makes you come back.

People who are sick need multiple therapy sessions. It will be hard, if not impossible, for you to successfully keep your symptoms at bay unless their cause is going to be treated. This is good news for psychologists, who get to keep collecting paychecks from you.

Keeping you medicated is good for psychiatrists.

Drug companies give out all sorts of reimbursements. Your dollars for a prescription you’re told you can’t go off of are paid not only to the drug company but also to your psychiatrist. If you need a second pill to negate the side effects of the first one (like suicidal thoughts or actions!), such the better. (Plus, you will need to return to the psychiatrist for check ups every so often. Win win!)

Hypnosis is relatively cheap.

Dirt cheap, if you find a master hypnotist to see. Someone like that will give you suggestions that will wean you off of therapy. Those ideas will be more effective and less harmful than any chemical. Without insurance reimbursement for hypnotherapy, it will be more expensive at first. You will improve for years beyond the time you spend on your bed.

Are you taking medicine for a mental (affiliate link) or nervous disorder, are still in pain, and wish you had a way to live, rather than just exist? Tell me about it in a reply.

This post is the first in a three part series about how to thrive in a world that’s trying to kill you. Come back next week to learn how to resist the pressures of modern life that are trying to drain you.

How Would You Like To ALWAYS Get Perfect Sleep?

September 10, 2014
How to sleep well every night.

How to sleep well every night.

Lounging back on your freshly washed sheets, you rest your head on a memory foam pillow. The room is peaceful. Both the bed and the air are at your perfect temperatures. There is no ringing phone, no neighbor’s dog barking, no kids in the room who need your attention. There’s also nothing you’ll need to get up for, so you won’t have to sit up fretting.

That’s the perfect night for sleeping, right? If you had that feeling every night, you’d never have to worry about not being able to rest, correct?

But I’ll bet that doesn’t usually happen.

Instead, do your evenings often include one or more of the following?

It’s too hot.

It’s too cold.

You have to be at work (affiliate link) tomorrow.

You have to be at work at 9am tomorrow for your yearly evaluation.

The kid is sick. Pukey sick.

If you can get 2 hours of rest in between the memory of the time you were 2 days late on that project and the fact that you HAVE to remember to call your mother, you’ll be lucky.

What if I told you I knew a secret to help you feel rested every day, even if your nights are all too short and filled with distractions?

You’re in luck! Here I am:

Questions? Comments? Leave me a reply.





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